Some moments in our lives are so powerful, they make us look deep inside ourselves to discover the meaning of life. Losing a loved one is one of those profound experiences. Until you have lost someone dear to your heart, you cannot truly understand what death means. Reverend Michael understands, and she can help during this difficult time. 

Michael knows the importance of ceremony, and has a keen interest in spiritual customs, both modern and ancient. Her key mandate is to help you and your family transition through this time of change and, through the compassionate practice of ritual, to help to ease the sorrow that the passage of loved ones from this world to the next can bring. 

An ordained minister, Michael can preside at your special remembrance service for a loved one and help with the development, scripting, and performance of any observance, whether celebratory or solemn. A graphic artist and writer, she can produce memorial brochures, and edit or write touching obituaries, eulogies, and tributes. 

On this journey we call life, death is that juncture where our loved one bids us farewell at a crossroad and carries on along another path to a place unknown. Say goodbye in a meaningful, loving and soulful way … with passion and spirit. Many blessings to you and yours. 

Read What Past Clients Have To Say:

A beautiful service for our brother…

Michael Ireland organized a beautiful memorial service for our brother. Working with our entire family to learn all about our treasured memories of him, and working with a representative of our community, she wrote an insightful and moving obituary, and created an exquisite memorial card. 

Michael wrote a touching eulogy and delivered a tribute that was both heartfelt and inspirational. Michael was sensitive to all our needs, receptive to all our wants, and she guided us through this sad event with such grace and composure! She gave us much needed courage and support and we can’t thank Michael enough. 

She helped us to honour our brother’s memory in a wonderful way, and we sent him off in style. Thank you, Michael! 

A heartfelt goodbye to our friend...

Michael coordinated a celebration of life for our dear friend. She organized the logistics of the event including a stunning memorial brochure, invitations, some photo boards, music, flowers, food, and beverages. She gathered together our stories of him and wrote a moving, light-hearted, and reflective reminiscence of him. Everyone had a great afternoon and our pal was well-fêted. Thanks, Michael! 

A Farewell to Mom and Dad…

Our parents passed away and we asked Michael to put together a celebration of life for them. The event came off beautifully. Michael organized the caterer, the seating, the flowers and all the many logistics. She created a beautiful invitation and a gorgeous memorial brochure as a take away for all the guests and as a keepsake flier that we mailed to everyone who couldn’t come on the day. She attended the event to act as a hostess and kept everything running smoothly so we had lots of opportunities to spend quality time with all of our guests. Mom and Dad would have been thrilled. Thanks so much, Michael for making the celebration of their lives such a wonderful event we’ll all remember forever. 

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