Transitions Unlimited

Blessed be! Life is defined by a series of transitions. Transition and change are the stepping stones on life's journey.

All things ebb and flow, nothing abides.…

Michael Ireland offers services to help you navigate the changes and transitions in your life.

She is a writer, editor, and educator with a special interest in Mind Body Spirit topics, metaphysics, and spirituality.

Let us embrace the changes in your life together…

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Writing and Editing

Michael is a copy writer, editor, and researcher specializing in metaphysics, spirituality, new age traditions, alternative religions, the supernatural and lifestyle topics. She also has strong experience in fiction writing and business writing. Michael writes and edits with in-depth knowledge and sensitivity–and does high-quality work for a great price!


If you want to connect with loved ones in spirit, Michael will be delighted to work with you in an Evidential Mediumship session. Other readings available include Handwriting Analysis (for an overview reflecting your current state of health, character, and lifestyle) or a Pendulum Reading for wellness. Please inquire via the Contact link below.



Michael Ireland has studied the esoteric traditions of antiquity for twenty-five years. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others interested in learning about the trajectory of ancient spirituality to the “New Thought” philosophy of modern times. Watch for upcoming online seminars in The History of Mediumship and How to Start a Mind-Body-Spirit Business. And, if you are interested in learning about specific topics in psychic awareness or esoteric spirituality, please be in touch!

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Michael Ireland

Michael Ireland is a writer /editor and minister with a special interest in metaphysics, spirituality and esotericism. For the past 25 years, Michael has been passionate about studying the mystery traditions of antiquity and has sought to bring the wisdom of the ancients into modern practice. Michael is a great resource for information on age-old philosophical traditions as well as topics in spirituality and metaphysics.

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