Michael’s mediumship began with a Near-Death Experience (NDE). After visiting the nether-world and encountering spirit-beings, she understood that death does not exist. After we leave this world, we simply change form and become once again what we have always been – eternal, spiritual beings. Michael’s NDE led her to study spirituality, mysticism, and the paranormal and she has been on a metaphysical path ever since.

Michael is certified by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts, has mentored with renowned mediums including Mavis Pittilla and Tony Stockwell, and has taken classes with the amazing Martin Twycross.

What is evidential mediumship?

In this brand of mediumship, the medium blends with the spirit world and brings through evidence “demonstrating” that life continues after physical death. The medium does this by using the “clairs,” tapping into the spirit world with the sixth senses of clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling), clairgustance (tasting) and clairalience (smelling). The clairs are not rational faculties, for intuition is not rational – intuition simply knows. “Evidence” may come in words, in pictures, in symbols, in archetypes, in memories – the medium deciphers the signs that come through from the spirit realm. The ‘decoding’ is the secret to insight and accuracy in a mediumship reading. 

Readings are by telephone or via Skype or Zoom. Our time together will be 30-60 minutes.

Phone: 250-580-6044

Email michaelireland@shaw.ca

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