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Michael Ireland excels in writing original material in the areas of spirituality, new thought, wellness, and human potential. She is a sought-after freelance editor for writers seeking assistance with their own books on spiritual and wellness topics.

Michael’s writing, research, and editing interests and expertise lie in the area of spirituality and metaphysics, ancient and modern. She also loves children’s books and has written a YA adventure novel and an award-winning screenplay.



Evidential Mediumship

In evidential mediumship, the medium taps into the spirit world using the sixth senses associated with seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. The medium receives and deciphers signs, sounds, and symbols that come through from the spirit realm on behalf of the “sitter” – you! 

Michael has has studied with Mavis Pittilla, Tony Stockwell, James van Praagh, and Martin Twycross.



Michael Ireland has spent twenty-five years studying the esoteric traditions of antiquity and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others interested in learning about the trajectory of ancient spirituality to the “New Thought” philosophy of modern times.

Watch this page for upcoming online seminars in The History of Mediumship and How to Start a Mind-Body-Spirit Business. If you are interested in learning about specific topics in psychic awareness or esoteric spirituality, please be in touch! One-on-one coaching is available. And, if you have a group to train, custom-designed seminars can be developed in consultation with your team.