Reflections on Death the Teacher


Reflections on Death

the Teacher


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On the day we are born, we begin walking the road towards death. How easy our lives would be if only we knew that the place where death dwells is wondrous. As we venture each evening into the land of slumber and dreams—that place so close to where death lives—if only we could gather up some of its magic, bring back with us to this, the land of the living. If only we could wake up each day believing that this day is a good day to die. Then, we could truly live. Then, we could treasure our lives and live with joy and wild abandon, embracing the delights and disappointments of life equally, knowing that life is fleeting, that our days are mere moments in the cradle of eternity.


Sadly, few of us ever reach this humble appreciation of the ephemeral dance between life and death. We have all lost someone dear to us…how blessed we would be to know where they have gone to, what they have learned. If only those who have passed on could reach out to us from that place beyond, to let us know that they arrived in a place of endless love, eternal magic and brilliant light, in a land of piercing color and exquisite joy. Oh, if they could, they would beckon to us to join them there!


If they could reach across the veil of time and space that separates us from eternity, your loved one would say that they are now a star in your sky, watching over you, manifesting as that loving touch you give to a child, that warm cuddle you give to your family pet, that kiss you bestow upon your lover. They would say that all the compassion and kindness you can muster each and every moment of every day is all that life is about. They would say that we who remain behind, in this land of the living—we are the ones who are truly dead. They would say that we can bring aliveness and spirit into our lives every day in every way, by loving one other, by being kind and good, thoughtful and gentle, and by caring deeply for all living things. They would say that death is not the end, it is the beginning.


So, do not fear death. Have courage! Cherish life and death, for both are always with you.


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