My Journey to Mediumship


by Michael Ireland



This blog entry will give readers a brief background in how I came to do the work I do—as a spiritual book editor, and as a healer and medium.

I was leading a fairly “normal life,” working in the film and television industry as a production coordinator. One Easter Sunday, I had a car accident and the injuries I sustained made it impossible for me to continue with my job. So, I went back to school, thinking that I would take a degree in English literature. I took an elective course in Religious Studies and I found the class deeply intriguing. I’d been “bitten by the education bug” and I knew that a lifetime of study in religion, spirituality, and things esoteric was what I was meant to do. And the rest is history, really. I’ve spent most of my life since the age of 35 studying the esoteric spiritual traditions of antiquity. I became an ordained metaphysical minister, then studied various modalities of alternative healing. Now, I work part time as an editor of spiritual, self-empowerment, and New Thought books, and part-time as a healer, medium and minister. I have also been known to adopt the role of administrator and teacher for those developing metaphysical businesses.

So, how did I get starting in healing and mediumship? In the same year I had my car accident, I had a surgery, during which I had a near-death experience (NDE). I survived but my life was never the same. When I woke up from the surgery, I was medically intuitive. I don’t know why or how this phenomenon occurred, but the NDE reinforced the knowing that I was meant to be on a life path of spiritual and metaphysical study. After 15 years at various institutions, my studies culminated in the acquisition of an advanced degree in parapsychology—the study of supra-natural events, or what is commonly known as ‘the paranormal’. But that is another story (see my Writings pages for more information). Meanwhile, back to the subject of correspondence with energy systems and the netherworld...healing, mediumship, and intuitive wellness.

No one was more surprised than me about becoming ‘medically intuitive’. This type of intuition is not like being a ‘normal psychic’—far from it. For example, I don’t get the ‘fun’ psychic stuff, like who will meet a tall dark stranger, or who is having a baby, getting married, moving to a new home or getting a new job—I get health news—who would benefit from visiting a doctor, dentist, chiropractor or other medical professional—and the reasons why. While many psychics would love to hone this skill, I seem to have come to it by default. It doesn’t seem fair, but there it is ....

At first, I found being medically intuitive challenging. After avoiding this new skill for twenty-five years—I began to accept it. Times have changed, people are willing to accept ‘other worldly’ phenomenon as being the stuff of normal life. I have discovered as I practiced my skill that everyone is medically intuitive—and this means you! While you may not have ‘died’ and come back with enhanced intuitive abilities as I did, every one of us is born intuitive. The simple truth is that all we need to do to perfect this innate skill is to practice. If you have a healing practice and it is your job to help people become whole and to heal themselves, this is an exceptional skill to have and to work with. And, if you are not a healer, it is still a great skill to have and to use for yourself, your friends and your family—even your pets.

For me, medical intuition led to an investigation of different alternative healing practices (and over many years, I studied sound healing, mind body spirit medicine, Pranic Healing, and Reiki). In the process of studying these modalities, I discovered mediumship. For me, mediumship is the ultimate healing practice and it has become one of my passions. I make it part of every healing session I do, allowing Spirit to guide me in my work. (I no longer do medical intuition but I am available for coaching).

So, that is how I became a medium. It was a circuitous route, I admit. But as the old saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. I studied first with James Van Praagh, then took online courses with Carol Nicholson and others. Finally, I did mentorships with Mavis Pittilla and Tony Stockwell. I still take numerous online classes, with renowned mediums like Martin Twycross, Colin Bates, and Alyson Gannon. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a student of mediumship, it’s so much fun and there is so much to learn. Mediumship, like life, unfolds in a series of experiences and learning opportunities.

Thanks for reading!

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